Peace Set – Rosewood Essential Oils Diffuser


Ring Size

To choose the correct ring size for you, first measure the finger on which you will wear your ring in centimeters. The easiest way to do this is by wrapping a strip of paper or string around your finger and measuring the length.

Ring SizeLength (cm)
Extra Large7.1-7.5cm

This ring is a one of a kind essential oils diffuser! These rosewood beads are unwaxed and completely natural which makes them ready to soak in your essential oil of choice. To use: put 1-3 drops of your chosen oil in your palm, then rub your ring into the oils there. Your ring will diffuse these oils for the next 3-5 days! Because of the small size of the ring, you will be able to use less oil to have the same defusing ability that you would have with a bracelet or some other diffuser option, which saves your oils and makes them last longer!

Your purchase is supporting the livelihood of a community of young women in Nepal who have been rescued out of human trafficking through our partnership with Our Daughters International. Hand making each piece of jewelry provides them with a sustainable income while they receive therapy and training in life skills for their futures. They are welcomed to stay as long as they need to while their souls heal. Thank you for being a giver of hope. ❤️

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