So Glad You're Here!

How many times have you had to remind your best friend that she is perfect just the way she is? Or your daughter that everything inside her is beautiful, in a way that will change the world? And honestly, how many times have you needed those kinds of reminders yourself?

It seems like everything in the world is always pointing towards some way that you can improve, “level-up”, or change yourself:

“10 Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe”

“These 5 DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Home”

“Step by Step Contouring Guide to Hide Your Double Chin”

…And the list goes on.

Sometimes it takes a sister, a mom, a best friend, or even a decision within your own mind, to remind yourself: You are ENOUGH. You are STRONG. You are BEAUTIFUL. Your WILD heart is WELCOME. Every day you are BECOMING more of who you are meant to be. Your DREAMS to make this world better are exactly what we need.

You are wonderful in every way.

That is the heart of Ring True. Fearless love of the person you are, without the need to change a thing. I sincerely hope that you feel that message radiate from this community as you look around our site and find some words that ‘Ring True’ for yourself and for whoever else you’re shopping for. And, you can rest assured knowing that part of your purchase is going to help some really incredible people change the world for the better. Keep your head high today! 

Amanda Kozlowski & Shannon Sloan

Owners, Sisters, Bff’s

Our Promise

25% of our profits from each purchase will go towards a non-profit or cause that is making a difference in our community, country, or the world.

Have an idea where you’d like to see donations go? Email us at!