In Bloom – White/Purple


This ring will encourage any little lady in your life so that she knows just how much you love and believe in her! These flower rings were specifically designed and made by a young woman who is a survivor of human trafficking and is now a friend of ours. From start to finish, making these flower rings has changed her life. She is the only one who knows how to make them, and we are honored to feature her design in our shop in order to encourage and lift up the young ladies who wear them. If you buy one of these as a gift for a little girl in your life, feel free to tell her that her ring represents freedom for another young woman in the world who makes them. The fit for these rings is roughly for ages 4-12. The ring is stretchy and fits tightly on an average size adult woman pinky finger. It fits well on my 4 year old daughter’s finger and snugly on my 11 year old son’s finger.  Yes, I make my son help me size things properly 😆

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🌸In Bloom – Child Rings🌸

Our In Bloom rings for little girls are the perfect gift for encouraging the beautiful heart of whoever you’re buying for. These rings are designed and made by one young woman who is a survivor of human trafficking. We are honored to feature her work in our shop! In buying one of these rings, you are directly impacting her life and you can share that story with the little girl you’re buying for as a way to help her know how she can have an impact on helping others in the world!



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